• Groundwater feasibility studies
  • Exploration for groundwater sources, incorporating the evaluation of aquifer potential
  • Siting of boreholes by means of structural geological and geophysical surveys for water supply or monitoring purposes
  • Aquifer testing to determine hydraulic parameters and long-term abstraction
  • Aquifer classification and vulnerability assessments
  • Groundwater quality determination and monitoring
  • Numerical Groundwater modeling

Mining Industry

  • Groundwater feasibility studies
  • Life of mine groundwater cost assessments
  • Determine groundwater inflow rates and mine dewatering design
  • Quantification of the long-term impact of dewatering on aquifers
  • Development of dewatering management scenarios


  • Sampling for groundwater pollution or hydrocarbons
  • Groundwater Quality Analysis

Groundwater Pollution and Remediation

  • Site selection of waste sites and tailings dams
  • Modeling of groundwater flow rate and direction and contaminant migration rate/s
  • Recommendations on remediation strategies
  • Determining groundwater protection zone
  • Development of conceptual groundwater models
  • Determination of sustainable groundwater supply volumes
  • Development of cost-benefit models for groundwater supply